jurassic park - themes

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  • Jurassic park
    • Family
      • Grant
        • protective of children - doesn't like them at first
          • gains a responsibility - father figure
            • forced through guilt
              • attack marks the point where he gains that responsibility
                • Hes a lawyer (contrast)
          • sleeping scene in tree
            • Helps tim in car when stuck- and saves him when he's on the fence
        • Parents are absent
          • Grant ushers children and mindy behind at attack where the T-rex are fighting to protect them
            • This presents a family unit
    • Isolation
      • shot in park
      • loss of electricity - all safety/ security has been shut down while children and adults are out in park
        • no control over dinosaurs
      • Dr grant is an outsider- doesn't fit in
      • children are alone in car as grant dosent feel comfortable- ignorance??
        • foreshadows - bond they create between grant and the children
          • he saves the children lives and protects them throughout the process
            • ends up with children sleeping in-between his arms in helicopter - sentimental


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