Resistant materials

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  • Materials
    • Hard Wood
      • Ash
        • Light, creamy-brown colour, open-grained, tough, flexible
          • Sports equipment, wooden ladders, tool handles
      • Beech
        • White to pinkish-brown in colour, close-grained, hard, tough, strong, warps easily
        • Furniture, toys, tool handles
      • Elm
        • Light to medium brown in colour, open and sometimes interlocking grain, tough, durable, resists splitting, durable in water
          • Indoor and outdoor furniture
      • Mahogany
        • Pink to reddish-brown colour, fairly strong, durable, some interlocking grain
          • Good quality furniture
      • Oak
        • Light brown colour, strong, hard, tough, open-grained, corrodes steel screws and fittings
          • Interior woodwork, good quality furniture
    • Ferrous metals
      • Cast Iron
        • Hard skin, softer underneath, but brittle, corrodes by rusting
      • Mild steel
        • Tough, ductile, malleable, good tensile strength, poor resistance to corrosion
      • Stainless steel
        • Hard and tough, resistant to wear and corrosion
    • Non-ferrous metals
      • Aluminium
        • Good strength-to-weight ratio, light, soft, ductile, good conductor of heat and electricity
      • Copper
        • Malleable and ductile, good conductor of heat and electricity, resistant to corrosion
      • Brass
        • Resistant to corrosion, fairly hard, good conductor of heat and electricity
      • Tin
        • Soft, weak, malleable, ductile and resistant to corrosion
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    • Smart Materials
      • Smart colours
        • thermochromic pigments react to changes in temperature
        • photochromic pigments react to changes in light levels
          • are used in the manufacture of sunglasses
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