Joining Methods

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  • Wood
    • Joining Methods
      • Metals
        • Brazing
          • Bonds materials, melting filler metal between components.strong and permanent
        • Soldering
          • Lower temp. Copper, Brass, Tinplate
        • Welding
          • Melted along the joints. Fuse together when cool.
        • Machine Screws
          • Do not have tapering core. Go into pre-drilled holes
        • Rivets
          • Component. Beaten with dome.
      • Plastics
        • Moulding
          • Just snap together, not permanent
        • Adhesives
        • Plastic Weld
          • Multi-Purpose Adhesive, joins most types of plastics
        • Tensol 12
          • Good for Acrylic, not very strong, quick and easy
        • Tensol 70
          • Strong, Acrylic based, hard to use
    • Screws
      • 2 sizes of holes needed. Shank and Core
    • Nails
      • Cheaper and easier than screws. Drilled
    • Knock-down Joints
      • Used in flat-pack furniture.
    • Frame Joints
      • Strong, permanent, neat looking. Right angled.
    • Edging
      • Lipping used to reinforce a joint. Tongue and groove joint




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