John Hunter, Edward Jenner and James Simpson

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  • John Hunter, Edward Jenner and James Simpson
    • John Hunter
      • 1728-1793
      • Scottish surgeon who was famed for his scientific and experimental approach. He operated on himself and trained hundreds of surgeons
      • He collected over 3000 medical specimens and wrote important books about gunshot wounds
    • Edward Jenner
      • 1749-1823
      • A country doctor who made vaccination famous by proving that cowpox could protect against smallpox
      • He did not fully understand how his discovery worked he had used scientific experimentation inspired by Vesalius, Pare etc. to make medical progress
    • James Simpson
      • 1811-1870
      • A Scottish scientist and doctor famous for his work with anaesthetics during operations
      • He discovered that chloroform was effective, after accidently trying it out on himself and friends.


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