john finnis Natural Law basics

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  • John Finnis Natural Law
    • Natural Law and Natural rights. 1980
      • 7 self evident basic Human Goods: -life -knowledge -play -aesthetic appreciation -friendship -practical reasonableness -religion
        • basic reasons for action explain why we should act
      • LAWs
        • give structure to pursuing the 7 goods/ necessary component for society
          • ideal is that all law will serve basic goods and their pursuit. tend to be subtle
            • obey  laws? yes , when correct source of guidance both a legal and moral obligation , remains correct to obey a law despite moral wrongness
      • 9 requirements of practical reason
        • 1) have a coherent plan of life
        • 2) prioritize certain goods over other
        • 3)basic goods apply to all
        • 4) dont become obsessed with a particular project
        • 5)use effort to improve
        • 6)plan for efficiency
        • 7)never harm a basic good
        • 8) foster the common good for the community
        • 9) act under YOUR conscience not the reason of other authorities
    • develops AQUINAS NL (deontological theistic idea of fulfilling purpose through God given reasoning)
      • reasoning
        • Practical = describes how to act -takes self evident basic goods and establishes how to put them into practice  - can produce contradictory acts, choice of what to follow - assess what to do-reasoning leads to actions
        • Theoretical= what is true - relies on self evident principles to be able to pursue knowledge- does not produce contradictory statements one is always wrong
    • the common Good =where each member of the community can effectively pursue the basic Goods for themselves . never achieved but participated in
    • the need for authority. to achieve common good certain acts must be done by all.whole community action requires coordination which need authority . such figure need to compromise between successful coordination and ppls autonomy to get 7 for themselves.


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