Jekyll & Hyde - HORROR

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  • Jekyll & Hyde  HORROR
    • Beginning
      • "The man trampled calmly over the child's body"
        • The adverb calmly suggest that Hyde doesn't care and that he is treating it as a normal situation.
        • Trampling = intending to hurt the child and making it  cry
          • The crying doesn't bother Mr Hyde because he is unnatural.  The human instinct is to protect a child in pain.
    • Middle
      • "Trampling his victim underfoot and hailing down a storm of blows, bones were audibly shattered"
        • The word "trampling" reminds the reader of the girl in chapter 1 that was also trampled (maybe in the same way)
        • "Storm of Blows" is a metaphor that creates an image of excessive blows in the readers head.
        • "bones were audibly shattered" This is a horrific details suggesting that Hyde has almost supernatural strength
    • End
      • "There is something wrong"
        • Pool disturbs Utterson at midnight.  Utterson is a very important person since he is a lawyer .  Poole is only a butler and he won't be out without his master.
        • He awakes Utterson in the middle of the night.  Normal Victorians will wait until the morning to tell someone.  This means that it is urgent since he has done it in the middle of the night.
        • Maybe Mr Hyde has trampled someone else, maybe someone more importantthan Sir Danvers


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