Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 9

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chaper 9
    • "disgustful curisoity"
      • Lanyon is horrified by Hyde however he wants to find out more
    • "my soul sicked at it"
      • Lanyon has a distatse and his soul is conflicted
    • "like a man restored from death"
      • Lanyon appears to use impossible langauge to describe what hes has just seen
    • "O God!... O God!"
      • Lanyon immediately tunrs to religion upon witnessing Hyde transform into Jekyll.
    • "a clouded brow"
      • Utterson confused mind
    • "the deadliest terror sits by me at all hours of the day and night"
      • Lanyon is terrified by the change. This is all he can think abour


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