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  • Jekyll
    • 'All human beings are commingled out of good and evil'
      • Juxtaposition- declarative sentence. Every person has a good and evil side and there is a thin line between them.
    • 'My devil had been long caged and he came out roaring'
      • Metaphor- Hyde had been repressed for so long that he exploded worse than ever before. The cage symbolises Jekyll's body an his desire to remain respectable.
    • 'Smooth faced man of fifty'
      • Juxtaposition- duality between age and appearance. Represents the hypocrisy within Victorian society.
    • 'There came a blackness about his eyes'
      • Black connotes death, mystery- The eyes are a symbol for the window to the soul and Jekyll's soul has been removed due to the overpowering nature of the evil.
    • 'Wrong, wrong in mind'
      • Repetition of wrong- being 'wrong in mind' suggests you have a disease. Jekyll is considered as mentally ill because he is rejecting societal expectation which was uncommon.
    • 'Grew pale [...] blackness about his eyes'
      • Juxtaposition: Jekyll represents the pale and the black is Hyde who is gradually obtaining power over Jekyll's body and mind.
    • 'My good Utterson'
      • Façad- Jekyll is trying to use flattery to impress Utterson and stop his inquisitive nature. Hyde has already taken over Jekyll's mind to the point of no return.
    • 'They were crying it in the square'
      • Jekyll talking about newsboys shouting about the murder of Carew- the newsboys were thought to be troublesome aswell- DUALITY
    • 'He had grown very silent'
      • Jekyll has regressed- he is not unable to communicate his stature and power is growing due to Hyde's power but Jekyll has become silent.


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