Jasons early life

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  • Jason's early life
    • 1. Jason was the son of Aeson, the king of Iolcos.
    • 2. When Jason was a young boy his evil uncle sezed the throne from Aeson and sent him into exile
    • 3. Jason was sent to the wise centaur Chiron. chiron brought Jason up to be a handsome, nobe young man.
    • 4. When Jason was old enough he set out to reclaim the throne from Pelias
    • 5. On the way to Iolcos an old woman asked him to cross a big river. The woman was rather heavy and he stumbled and lost a sandal.
    • 6. Suddenly the woman transformed into a beautiful goddess, Hera. Because he was so polite she said that if he needed her help she would help him.
    • 7. When Jason arrived at the palace, Pelias immediately recognised him, as an oracle had warned him of a one sandaled man.
    • 8. Pelias pretended to to be happy to see him and threw a great feast. A bard sang a song about the golden fleece. To trick Jason into leaving, Pelias said that young men were too cowardly to make great quests.
    • 9. Jason fell into his trap and volenteered to fetch the golden fleece.


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