Jane Eyre ~ context

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  • Jane Eyre ~ context
    • The Gothic genre
      • Gloomy, decaying setting
      • Supernatural beings or monsters
      • Curses or prophecies.
      • Intense emotions
      • Heroes
      • combines fiction and horror, death, and at times romance
    • Romantic movement
      • artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement
      • emphasis on emotional and imaginative spontaneity
      • importance of self-expression and individual feeling
      • religious response to nature
      • capacity for wonder and consequently
      • ‘primitive' forms of art
      • concern for the outcasts of society
    • Life under Queen Victoria
      • Rich people could afford lots of treats
      • poor people had to work in factories
      • Steam trains made travel a lot easier
      • Cities became crowded, busy and dirty
      • Victorian schools were very strict
    • Charlotte Bronte
      • English novelist and poet
      • she worked as a tecaher and a governess


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