Jane Eyre Character Quotes

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  • Jane Eyre Character Quotes
    • Jane
      • "Speak I must"
        • I personal pronoun
          • "I will never call you aunt again"
      • "Do you think i am an automaton?"
        • "Reader, I married him"
          • "I am an  indapendant"
        • "Stood at Gods feet, equal -- as we are!"
          • "If I were to marry you,you would kill me. You are killing me now"
    • Mr.Rochester
      • "What! you go?" After Jane saved his life
        • "Riding cloak, fur collared and steel clasped"
      • "Granite- hewn features"
        • "Heavy brow"
      • "My plan is broken up" After Jane finds out about Bertha
        • "Clattering tumble"
    • Mrs.Reed
      • "No;you are less than a servant"
      • "Low brow" Unintelligent
      • "Chin large and prominent" Stubborn
      • "Robust frame"
    • St.John
      • "He was young—perhaps from twenty-eight to thirty—tall, slender"
        • "Violent, unfeminine, and untrue"
      • "His lips and cheeks turned white" After Jane rejected marriage
    • Mr.Brocklehurst
      • "Black pillar"
        • "Stony stranger"
        • "Harsh and prim" His frame
      • "He is not a God"
      • "Juggernaut - this girl is- a liar!"
    • Bertha Mason
      • "The clothed hyena"
        • "Shaggy locks"
          • "Lunatic"
    • Mrs.Fairfax
      • "How do you do, my dear?...: you must be cold, come to the fire."
    • Blanche Ingram
      • "Face lacked expression"
        • "Graceful neck"
          • "Low brow"


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