Notes on comparison; Lady Macbeth and Jane Eyre

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Section 1: Social and Historical perspective.
Topic sentence: Both characters Jane Eyre and Lady Macbeth- do not fit the normal women from their period of time.
Both women are presented as at time fitting the expectations of women at the time, throughout the text.
Point: Strong feelings of Lady Macbeth show that she has male qualities not gentle female qualities of women at the
Quote: "unsex me here" "Take my milk for gall"
Point: Strong feelings of Lady Macbeth are linked to the evil, negative actions of witches- a real belief in medieval
Quote: "And fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty". "Come you spirits, that tend on mortal
Point: Lady Macbeths show strong feelings show her desires to kill the king which at that time was seen as the worst
crime. Quote: "Oh never shall sun that morrow see"
Point: Jane Eyre is honest, down-to-earth, and passionate, unlike expectations of a `delicate' woman. Quote:
"Wicked and cruel boy"
Point: Jane Eyre's experiences at Lowood School expose the social injustice in the treatment of the girls- part of the
Victorian literacy tradition, to expose this. Quote: Helen Burns is treated badly Jane says "I couldn't bear it."
Jane Eyre sticks to her high morals; in keeping with high morals of Victorian society. Quote "I'll leave Thornfield at
Section 2: Strong feelings at the start of the text.
Topic sentence: Both characters show their extreme emotions at the start of the texts.
Jane Eyre takes revenge when bullied by her cousin. Quote: "You are like a murderer-you are like a slave-driver, you
are like the roman emperors."
Jane Eyre doesn't think of consequences when angry- completely consumed this comes out in her strong feelings.
Quote: "My terror has passed its climax; other feelings succeeded"
Point: Not afraid to stand up for herself. Quote: "What a fury to fly at Master John."
Point: Lady Macbeth's strong feelings show that she is manipulative at the start she questions his manhood. Quote:
"Are you a man?" "Art not without ambition."
Point: Lady Macbeth is in charge of her strong feelings, shows herself taking control. Quote: "That I may pour all my
spirits in thine ear."
Point: Strong feelings reflect her determination at the start of the play. Quote: "And Cawdor that shalt be" "You shall
put this nights great business into my dispatch"
Point: Lady Macbeths Ambition and need for power is seen through her strong voice. Quote: "Give solely sovereign
sway and masterdom."
Section 3: Strong feelings in the middle of the texts.
Topic sentence: In the middle of the texts, the feelings of the characters change as their circumstances change.
Point: Lady Macbeths feels rage towards Macbeth because he is about to reveal everything. Quote: "What quite
unmanned in fully."
Point: The author brings out more masculinity in the strong feelings of Lady Macbeth, as the situation becomes more
and more puzzling. Quote: "Oh these flaws and starts imposters to true fear would well become a woman's story at a
winter's fire."
Point: Her strong words try to hide the fact that Macbeth is going mad. Quote: "This is the very painting of your fear."
Point: Lady Macbeth feels afraid and agitated for herself and Macbeth and tries to draw attention away from her.
Quote: "Pray you keep seat."
Point: Jane Eyre's experiences have changed her situation considerably and this gives her a new interpretation and
attitude to life. Quote: "It seemed no attire had ever so well become me; because none had I ever worn in so
blissful mood.
Point: This changes drastically when Jane Eyre learns the truth about Rochester. Her strong voice now reveals her
immoral dilemma. Quote: "I wrestled with my own resolution."
Section 4: Strong feelings of the two characters exposing their different situations.
Topic sentence:
Point: Lady Macbeth's voice at the end of the play reflects her madness and insanity because the guilt has overcome
her. Quote: "What would these hands ne'er be seen."
Point: Lady Macbeth's guilt leads her strong voice to reveal the murder in her sleep. Quote: "Who would have
thought the old man to have had so much blood in him."
Point: Jane Eyre on the other hand is rewarded by the writer for her strong morals by having everything she could
wish for. Quote: "I hold myself supremely blest."
Point: Jane Eyre's strong voice at the end shows her relationship with Mr. Rochester. Quote: "I know what it is to
live entirely for and with what I love best on Earth.
Jane Eyre always bullied as a child, stands up for herself. Sent to Lowood becomes confident, becomes a
teacher. Goes to Thornfield, governess falls in love with Rochester, finds out about Bertha. Goes away.
(Write her feelings during these times)
Lady Macbeth gentle and sweet, soon she gets consumed into murder and killing and she wants to become
a man, tries to make Macbeth strong and brave-not to give anything away in the regicide)

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-Lady Macbeth's feelings throughout text
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- Why Lady Macbeth can't have children
-Say what you personally think about the characters
-Refer to modern time's say how times have changed
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