issues surrounding classification + diagnosis of schizophrenia (reliability)

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  • issues surrounding classification + diagnosis of schizophrenia (reliability)
    • reliability
      • clinicians use either the DSM or ICD. both should enable them to reliably diagnose schizophrenia
      • evidence
        • copeland et al: gave a description of a patient to 134 us + 194 british psychiatrists
          • 69% of us psychiatrists diagnosed the person as schizophrenic whereas only 2% of british psychiatrists gave the same diagnosis
            • this shows there's significant cross cultural variation in diagnosis.
        • whalley: found inter-rater reliability correlations in the diagnosis of schizophrenia were as low as 0.11
    • implications
      • treatment: the wrong diagnosis could lead to the wrong treatment being given. this is important as the drug treatments have serious side effects.
      • labelling: when someone is diagnosed with schizophrenia they are also labelled + these negative labels are hard to remove.
        • wrong diagnosis means someone may carry this negative stigma for the rest of their life.
      • ways of dealing with the issue
        • improve the manuals: there were many differences between early versions of ICD + DSM
          • more current manuals are more similar but still have differences
            • The main difference is that the DSM requires symptoms to be present for 6 months whereas the ICD only requires symptoms to be present for 1 month


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