psre- islam matters of life and death

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  • Islam- Matters of Life and Death
    • believe in the day of judgement
      • Believe in resurrection
      • Important because:...
        • Reward and Justice for believers
          • Provides comfort when loved ones die.
          • Provides meaning for life, must follow the Qur'an.
  • Abortion
    • Life begins at 120 days. en soulment. Abortion before then is not murder.
    • Mothers life is more important than the foetus.
      • Should try to prevent suffering.
    • Some Muslims would agree with abortion if the mother had been a victim of ****.
    • Against Abortion
      • The Qur'an says "kill not your children for fear of want"
        • It could be classed as playing Allah.
          • The purpose of sex and marriage is to start a family, create children.
            • Some Muslims think it only takes 40 days for en soulment.




what a wonderful religion

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