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  • Islam
    • Life after death
      • The Qur'an teaches it
        • Muhammed teaches it
          • Muhammed is the last prophet and the perfect example for Muslims
      • One of the 6 fundamental beliefs
      • Muslims believe life is a test from God which must involve a judgement, this can only happen if there is life after death
        • Good Muslims will go to paradise, others will go to hell
          • This means keeping the Five Pillars of Islam, eating halal food, observing Muslim dress laws, not drinking alcohol, not gambling etc
      • Most Muslims believe it because it gives their lives meaning and purpose
      • Muslims believe in resurrection
    • Abortion
      • Many Muslims allow abortion up to 120 days of pregnancy for reasons such as the health of the mother of baby are at risk
        • Some hadith say a foetus does not recieve a soul until 120 days of pregnancy
        • Shari'ah law says that the mother's life must always take priority
          • death of the unborn child is a lesser evil than the death of the mother
      • Some Muslims believe abortion should never be allowed
        • Life begins at the moment of conception
        • Qur'an says murder is wrong
    • Euthanasia
      • All Muslims are against it
        • Qur'an bans suicide and murder
      • It is making yourself equal with God, greatest sin of shirk
      • Although so believe switching off life support is not euthanasia
    • Pre-marital sex
      • Forbidden by the Qur'an
        • Shari'ah law says that sex should only take place in marriage
          • Sex is only for procreation of children
      • Adultery is condemned by God in the Qur'an
        • Adultery is likely to harm the family and the contract between husband and wife
    • Homosexuality
      • Condemned by the Qur'an and The Prophet Muhammed
        • Marriage between man and woman is the only lawful form of sex
          • Sex is only for creating children
      • Some allow it because they believe God created and loves all people
    • Contraception
      • Some Muslims believe it should not be used at all
        • 'You should not kill your children for fear of want' - The Qur'an
          • God only created sex for having children
      • Some allow it
        • If mother's health is in danger
        • The Qur'an says God does not place extra burdens on his followers, and contraception stops extra burdens


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