AS BIO ISA prep.

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  • Biology ISA Preparation
    • Graph
      • X-axis: Independent variable : Sucrose molarity (moldm3.
      • y-axis: Dependent vairaible: % mass change
      • x-axis intercept: ISOTONIC!
      • below 0 - percentage mass decrease. | Above 0: percentage mass increase
      • Do not extrapolate the curve of best fit- only until the range's max. and min. points
      • Title: % change in potato cylinders at different blackcurrant molarities.
    • Calculation
      • % mass change=
        • (final mass- Initial mass)/ Initial mass x 100
    • Control variables
      • Same potato
      • Remove excess water from potato after osmosis occured
    • Content
      • If there is a change in mass of the potato cylinder, then osmosis has occurred, to make both water concentrations reach equilibrium


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