Investigating mitosis

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  • Investigating mitosis
    • Root tip practical
      • 1: Cut 1cm root tip
      • 2: Prepare boiling tube containing 1M HCl an place in 60 degree waterbath
      • 3: Transfer root tip to water bath, incubate for 5 minutes
      • 4: Rinse root tip with water using pipette, leave to dry on paper towel
      • 5: Place root tip on glass slide, cut 2mm from top
      • 6: Use mounted needle to break tip open and spread cells out
      • 7: Add few drops of stain in order to see chromosomes
      • 8: Place cover slipover cells, push down to squash tissue, view through optical microscope
    • Use of optical microscope
      • 1: Clip slide onto stage
      • 2: Select lowest powered objective lens
      • 3: Use coarse adjustment knob to move lens just above slide
      • 4: Look down at eyepiece and adjust focus with fine adjustment knob until clear image is obtained
      • 5: To see with greater magnification, swap to a higher powered objective lens
    • Mitotic Index= no.of cells with visible chromosomes\total no. of cells
    • Artefacts
      • Aren't part of specimen
      • Formed from dust, air bubbles, fingerprints
      • Made during prep of slides, shouldn't be there
      • Common in electron micrographs, need a lot of prep


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