IPCC scenarios

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  • IPCC Scenarios
    • scenarios created in 2007
    • A1- a converging world
      • rapid global economic growth
      • global population increase to 9 billion by 2050
        • after this it decreass
      • by 2100, global GNP will be 26x more than 2007
      • desire to reduce global differences between rich + poor
      • rapid intro of new efficient technology
      • mixing of cultures for global coorperation
      • thee sub groups
        • A1a-technology based on fossil fuels
        • A1b-technology based on non-fossil fuel resources
        • A1c- technology balanced across all energy resources
    • A2 - a divided world
      • reduced globalisation
      • countries become more independant - want to protect local identities
      • global population increase
        • fertility rates slowly fall
      • differences in global wealth persist
        • economic growth regional, little global exchange
      • technological change very slow
    • B1 -a converging world
      • similar to A!
        • but global economy changes to service + information
      • cleaner more efficient technology
      • economic + environmental sustainability
      • global economy still develops but tries to reduce global warming
      • by 2100 more forest that 1900
    • B2 - Global social, economic + environmental sustainability
      • global society attempting to achieve progress at local level
        • developing in small-scale rather than global companies
      • global population increases more slowly than A2
      • lower economic growth compared with A1 + B1
      • slower but more diverse changes in technology
      • attempt to achieve environmental protection + social equality at local levels


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