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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is the name given to a credit system, called carbon credits, which aims to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon credits allow companies to pollute but at a cost.
This cost encourages companies to search for other ways of production by polluting less or
not at all.…

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+ Companies bought into it.
It's cheaper for dirty companies to carry on as they are than to buy more credits.
Carbon credits are so cheap it is easier to use coal and buy credits than use gas.
Companies made approximately £800 million from passing credits onto their customers.


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Broad Scenario: There is lower economic growth and, compared with A1 and B1, there are
slower but more diverse changes in technology, e.g. those designed to produces energy
locally using wind or solar power. There are attempts to achieve environmental protection
and social equality ­ but at local, not global,…




thank you! could find literally nothing that made sense on these :)

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