invasion of the Ruhr

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  • invasion of the Ruhr 1923
    • Germany couldn't afford to pay reparations
      • french and Belgian troops invaded because of this
        • they sezied control of all mines, factories and railways
        • they took supplies from shops and set up machine-gun posts in the streets
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    • effects
      • Germany couldn`t afford to buy coal
      • German people went on strike
        • Government could not afford to pay striking workers
      • Germany industry stopped
    • Hyper-inflation
      • by novermber the germna mark was pointless
        • people burnt it and used it as warmth for their house
        • people also gave it to their children as toys!
      • wages went up as banknotes were being printed out
        • resulting in businesses and shops raising their prices
  • Ruhr is an urban area in west Germany that was Germany's most valuable industrial area


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