Invasion of the Ruhr

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Invasion of the Ruhr

Barely scraping by for her first payment of reparations, Germany announced that she would be unable to pay her second reparation amount. Unable to believe germany, french and belgium troops invaded the ruhr in attempt to recieve her reparations through goods instead, but the government ordered all workers in  the ruhr to be passive resistive against the troops. Without production from the Ruhrs and workers on strike the government began printing more money in order to pay off the workers on strike. After a few months after invasion, french and belgian troops remained and the government had continued printing money eventually causing the economy to become hyperinflated.

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Effects of Hyperinflation

  • Those on fixed incomes suffered as the moneys worth went down their income remained the same.
  • Payments had to be made twice a day to workers
  • The money was practically worthless
  • Those who owed debts were in advantage by easily paying it off with the worthless currency.
  • Prices in shops and cafes rose drastically sometimes even hourly
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