Making A Case: Interviewing Suspects

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  • Interviewing Suspects (Making A Case)
    • Mann: Police officers ability to detect suspects' lies.
      • Cues to lying:
        • Avoiding eye contact.
        • Touching face, throat/mouth.
        • Timing of emotional gestures.
        • Placing objects as a barrier.
        • Repeating the wording of the question in the answer.
        • Unnecessary details to an answer is added due to discomfort with silence.
      • Field Experiment.
      • 99 Kent police officers.
      • Judge the truthfulness of people in real-life police interviews.
      • Answer a questionnaire about their experiences of detecting lies. Saw video clips of 14 suspects. The 54 clips varied in length from 6-145 secs.
        • Officers performed than chance, 66.2% accurate on lies & 63.6% on truths.
      • Afterwards, they had to say whether asked for their decision, how confident they were & make a note of the cues to detect the liars.
        • Frequently mentioned cues were: gaze, movements, vagueness, contradictions & fidgeting.
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