Interactionism and Crime

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  • Interactionism and Crime
    • Social construction
      • social factors  may affect if an act is deviant not including place, situation, culture and who
      • Becker  = not act is criminal in itself as all situations and at all times, it's simply someone to whom the label has been successfully applied and behaviour is simply behaviour that people label as so - this can influence future acts and increases. they're not easily removed from society
        • labelled as deviant - person is rejected - deviance takes place - official treatment - accept a deviant identity
      • Goffman = career in mental health is deviant symptoms via diagnosis, some lables affect how we see people,social stigma will develop strategies to cope with negative social reactions from those without
    • Deviant career - Box = 4 reason why ex-cons chose to remain - no longer know how, social rejection, job rejection and surveillance
    • Labels and Drugs - Jock and Young = study in notting hill found to develop deviant self as choice was illegal - becomes main element - negative response for others - increased drug taking
    • Negotiation of Justice - Cicourel = officers decides to arrest on their stereotypes and other agents of social control within the criminal justice and so it's negotiable not fixed
    • Primary and Secondary (Lemert) - primary = initial acts secondary = after accepted label of deviant. feel weight of label they commit more crimes
    • Deviance amplification - Cohen = identify problem - become folk devils, media creates distorted view - police aware - more deviance


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