Intellectual Development

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  • Intellectual Development
    • Problem Solving
      • Needed to work things out and make predictions about what might happen
    • Moral Development
      • Needed for reasoning and making choices about how to act towards self and others.
    • Language Development
      • Essential to organise and express thoughts.
    • Memory
      • essential for storing and recalling infomation
    • Abstract Thought/ Creative Thinking
      • Essential for thinking and discussing things that can't be observed.
    • This is how individuals organise their ideas and make sense of the world around them
    • Infancy and the early years are stages of rapid intellectual development
      • Intellectual development continues throughout the life stages
        • Thinking skills and short-term memory may decline in later adulthood.
          • Older people may experience dementia, which is an illness affecting the brain which causes memory loss.


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