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  • inspector calls: responsibility
    • Mr Birling's conservative view
      • "cant accept any responsibility" for what happened to eva
      • Mr Birlings viewpoint doesn't alter throughout the play
        • "still can't take any responsibility"
          • instead when the idea of a hoax occurs he focuses on the idea of it being a "public scandal" this shows the audience how his views don't change even with the circumstances
    • Sheila
      • socialist view- care for everybody
      • "but these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people"
      • when she finds out about evas death Priestly makes her remorse evident
        • by her talking being described "miserably" and "distressed" highlights here guilt and acceptance of responsibility.
      • this ideology doesn't change throughout the play, she takes responsibility throughtout
        • "can't listen to anymore of it" in relation to her families views
    • younger generation
      • Eric and Sheila
      • less focused on social class and hierarchy but more on the treatment of others
      • eric- gave eva money to support her representing his recognition of his responsibility in the matter.
        • eric exclaims death to be something "I'm not likely to forget" allowing the audience to see the plit between generations
    • gerald
      • in between two ages and subsequently has a varying view on responsibility
        • when finding out about Eva's death ""I'm rather upset by this" portraying his accepting of responsibility
        • although as the inspector leaves Gerald is the first to propose the idea that the whole thing was a hoax
    • inspector Goole Is a representative of his own views- socialist
      • idea of collective responsibility
        • everyone is linked
          • just like Inspector believes all the characters are linked to the murder
      • society is more important than personal views
        • "we are members of one body. we are responsible for each other


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