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  • Eric Birling
    • 'I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty'
      • He is often drunk/out of control
      • Reckless, not thinking about what could happen/impact
      • Contrasts to the end of play when he is thinking about his actions and understands how things can easily go wrong.
    • 'My God!'
      • Involuntary reaction to description of Eva's death
      • Initial shock shows he is compassionate and sympathetic
      • Doesn't try to conceal his emotions and always appear 'polished' as his parents would
      • Understands the tragic nature of the event
      • Thinks of Eva and how it affected her, not of himself unlike Arthur.
    • 'I don't see much nonsense about it when a girl goes and kills herself'
      • Sees the severity of the situation
      • Understand her value as an individual and sees she isn't just a statistic
      • Contrasts to his parents' attitudes
      • Theme: Responsibilty
    • 'And I say the girl's dead and we all helped to kill her'
      • Taking responsibility for his actions
      • Shows recognition that everybody had a role in Eva's death
      • Theme: Responsibilty


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