Inspector calls Sheila

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  • Sheila birling
    • childish
      • 'squiffy'
        • vocabulary which links her to a younger generation
      • joking with gerald
        • Sheila uses 'half serious, half playful, language with her fiancé which may cover her concern of their relationship
      • eager with life
        • Sheila is said to be 'pleased with life and rather excited' in the stage directions
      • quick wit
        • Sheila uses quick witted lines, this may allow her to undermine her family
    • moral standards
      • power
        • Sheila uses her power to get Eva fired
          • which then leads to Sheila regretting what she had done and she wants to learn from her mistakes
      • moral judge
        • Sheila quotes 'probably between us we killed her'
          • the others don't go as far as realising this, especially since her parents feel they've done no wrong
    • change
      • Sheila promises never to act badly again after she realises the consequences of her actions
      • although Sheila found out her fiancé had an affair she appreciated her honesty
      • Sheila breaks off the engagement and gives Gerald his ring back. later she decides she needs time to think about the engagement  the relationship
    • key quotes
      • ' oh- its wonderful! Look - Mummy- isn't it a beauty' when Sheila gets exited she turns to her mother for approval, showing sheila's childness
      • 'these girls aren't cheap labour' this shows Sheila truly does have a heart and is concerned about the girls who are being treated like this, if it wasn't for her family it could of been her


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