Current input and output devices 1

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  • Input devices
    • keyboard - easy, fast to use.  users prone to rsi.
    • Mouse - easy to use, can click too many time and confuse program.
    • joystick - comfortable to use, takes time to learn how to use it
    • scanner - handwriting converted to typed text, poor handwriting makes words come out wrong.
    • webcam - can see or hear people but it depends on web connection
    • digital/video camera - good quality images but expensive.
    • microphone - fast data entry but need to speak clearly
    • remote control - control a device from meters away but can be unresponsive
    • touch screen - one digit touch needed, but not good for those uncomfortable tech
    • interactive whiteboard - many students can use it, needs to be calibrated
    • sensor - no human intervention, depends on weather conditions
    • barcode reader - faster than manual input, can get damaged
    • OMR - quick and easys, not readable is lots of mistakes
    • graphics tablet - use pen, need talent
    • Midi instrument - direct conversion, quality depends on person
    • MICR - easily read, number can wear off


Miss Morgan


A good comprehensive mind map that can be used for revising.



Really useful

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