Initiatives to promote Physical Education and School sport in the UK

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  • Uk Initiatives to promote Physical Education and School sport.
    • Government Policy
      • National Curriculum
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      • PESSYP (Physical education and School sport for Young People)
      • Physical Education and Sport (PESS)
    • Professional Development
      • Teacher training for those already qualified
      • INSET programmes
    • Specialist Provision
      • Sports Colleges have a mission to increase sporting opportunities
    • Primary Schools
      • National curriculum at key stages 1 and 2
      • Sporting playground initiative
      • TOPS programmes in primary schools
    • Student Leadership
      • Step into sport initiative
      • Junior Sports leaders Award (JSLA)
      • Community Sports Leaders award (CSLA)
      • Hanson Award
    • Awards for excellence
      • Gifted and Talented scheme
    • Sports Personalities
      • Sports stars visit schools to be role models
    • Links with Clubs
      • Physical Education and School Sport for young people (PESSYP) links with clubs
    • Targeting Sports
      • PESSYP aims to introduce students to sports that may have been previously unconsidered
    • Teacher Games
      • Informal fixtures may be arranged between staff members on an inter-school basis


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