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  • Studying Inheritance
    • Genotype
      • Genetic constitution of an organism. It describes all of the alleles an organism contains.
      • Any changes to the genotype as a result of a change to the DNA is called a mutation and it may be inherited if it is in the form of gametes
    • Phenotype
      • The observable characteristic s of an organism. It is a result of the interaction between the expression of the genotype and the environment.
      • The environment can alter an organisms appearance. Any change to the phnotype that does not affect the genotpye is not inherited and is called a modification.
    • Genes and Alleles
      • A gene is a section of DNA, that is, a sequence of nucleotide bases, that usually determines a single characteristic of an organism. It does this by coding for particular polypeptides.These make up the enzymes that are needed in the biochemical pathway that leads to the production of the characteristic The position of a gene on a chromosome is known as the locus
      • An allele is one of the different forms of a gene.




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