Ingots IT

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  • Types of audiences
    • Ingot IT
      • Purpose of common applications
        • Word processing makes redrafting more efficient
          • Basic principles of files names associate with different applications
        • Text messages enable low cost and instant communicate
        • Spreadsheet helps us to apply mathematical calculations to data
      • JPEG, PNG and SVG raster formats
        • PNG is compressed with any quality loss
          • Main advantage PNG format is storage and usage of intermediate editing stages
        • Raster image format frequently use of JPG and PNG
      • JPEG , PNG and SVG vector formats
        • PDF's are versatile and popular
        • It allows to edit the text in the image and in any text editor
        • PDF contain elements of vector and raster graphics
      • Purposes and outcomes of ICT projects
        • Describe how a science investigation was presented on internet
          • General understanding of productivity issues coming from practical projects completed
        • Describe how they supported learning in subjects using IT
          • Describe how they built a simple web site for a small business that did not have a presence on web
        • Describe how they published their own book with its own ISBN
      • Proprietary standards
        • Privately  owned
          • May be free to use but the file specification is often closed rather than being open
            • Designed,created, maintained and controlledby a license agreement which is owned by an individual or an organisation
    • Communicate to different audiences
      • Disabilities need special consideration
    • Language
    • Security and privacy
      • Formal and informal writing


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