Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.

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  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.
    • Chi Squared Test.
      • Nominal Level Data.
      • Independent Measures Design.
    • Sign Test.
      • Nominal Level Data.
      • Repeated Measures Design.
    • Wilcoxen's Signed Rank Test.
      • Ordinal Level Data
      • Repeated Measures Design.
    • Mann Whitney U Test.
      • Ordinal Level Data.
      • Independent Measures Design.
    • Spearman's Correlation Coefficient Test.
      • Correlation.
      • Used to test relationships.
    • Data.
      • Nominal Level Data.
        • Data which shows frequency and can be put into categories.
      • Ordinal Level Data.
        • Measurements which can be put into an order.
    • Descriptive Statistics.
      • Mean.
      • Median.
      • Mode.
      • Range.
      • Standard Deviation.
        • Tells us how much on average the scores differ from the mean.
    • Levels of Significance.
      • P0.05
        • The probability the results happened by chance is more than 5%.
    • Types of Error.
      • Type One Error.
        • We reject the null hypothesis when it was right.
      • Type Two Error.
        • When we reject the alternate hypothesis when it was right.


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