inductive argument

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  • Inductive Argument
    • Cosmological
      • Aquinas' three ways
        • 1-motion
          • Things do not move of their own occurred something has to move them
          • If we look back through sequences of movement/ changes, we would eventually come to to something which began the chain.
          • If something is a mover this is likely to be something out of the control of humans so a thing not in the universe.
            • This is the thing that Aquinas' believes to be god this being started the sequences.
              • Aristotle named this being as the Prime Mover but Aquinas developed this and called this the Unmoved mover.
                • God is the third party that moves the potentiality to actuality as this would not be done by anyone within the universe.
          • 'Now whatever is in motion is put in motion by another....'
        • 2-cause and effect
          • Everything in nature is subject to this law.
            • According to Aquinas although the idea of the chain of cause and effect can be traced back infinity it was seen impossible for him.
              • 'What was the first cause?' for Aquinas the answer is 'God.'
              • No being within the universe can cause itself it is impossible
                • It's like a child being its own parent you cannot exist before you exist.
                  • A line of dominoes the first (efficient cause) this one cause the second (intermediate cause) one to fall, which turns the third to fall (ultimate cause) one to fall. Each domino wouldn't have fallen without the previous domino falling the first domino started the chain this is represented as God.
            • '...There is no case known in which a thing is found to be the effiencent cause of itself, for it would be prior to itself, which is impossible.'
        • 3-contingency
          • The idea meaning something that depends on something else.
            • A child is contingent upon its parents
            • Without a contingent being then there is the potential that everything as we know it may not have existed
              • A contingent being has to be a being out of the universe, this being to Aquinas is God.
            • Aquinas states that all things in nature are limited in their existence, they all have beginning and ends.
              • At one point in history nothing existed, even now nothing would exist without God.
                • the one possible solution to this dilemma is that something must exist that is unlike everything else in existence.
                  • meaning there was no beginning and no end- it has necessary existence.


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