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Unit 3B Philosophy of Religion

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Attributes to God
Omnipotent Having great power
Omnipresent Always present
Omniscient Knowledge of everything, all knowing
Omnibenevolent All loving
Creator Being that forms things
Ex-nihilo Out of nothing
Sustainer One who supports
Eternal Everlasting, forever
Infinite Limitless
Transcendent Beyond human experience
Immanent Remaining within
Perfect All desired qualities to be as good as possible
Necessary Needed to be done
Contingent Subject to change…read more

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Definition of Argument
`A set of statements which is such that one of them
(the conclusion) is supported or implied by the
others (premises)'
Premise: Proposition supporting/ helping to
support a conclusion
Conclusion: The end of an event, summarises point…read more

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Forms of Argument
Valid: Where there are no mistakes in the logic,
however it may not always be true
Sound/Proof: Where the logic is correct and the
premise is true, it is a solid argument backed with
Compelling: Have to accept it as to reject it would
be illogical…read more

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Rules for checking validity
1. Are the premises true or at least probably true?
2. Does the conclusion follow on from the premises or
are there massive gaps in logic?
Direct Proof: When we can use our empirical
senses to establish the truth of an argument…read more

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Argument Forms
Inductive Deductive
Posteriori Priori
Synthetic Analytic…read more

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