Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004

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  • Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004
    • Cause?
      • Epicentre 30 miles off Sumatra. 5000km from Epicentre to Africa.
      • Destructive plate boundary.
        • 9.0 magnitude.
      • Indo-Australian plate subducted.
    • Primary Effects?
      • Fishermans homes along water had gone + fishing boats on roofs. SOC/EC
      • Links to transport/communications destroyed. EC
      • White line appears on the horizon of the beach.
    • Secondary Effects?
      • 100s of 1000s left homeless. SOC
      • Loss of income. EC
      • Loss of tourism = loss of local income. EC
    • Immediate Responses?
      • Foreign government provide members of the armed forces to help clean up and aid survivors. SOC
      • Some people untreated. SOC
      • The dead were buried in mass graves to stop diseases spreading. SOC
    • Long term Responses?
      • Charity/foreign government promise money. EC
      • Hospitals and shelters set up to look after survivors. SOC
      • Thai people display photos to help relatives of European tourists find their family.


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