In what ways might theater be socially engade?

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  • In what ways might theatre be social engaed?
    • The traditional seance of going to the theatre.
      • creating an audiance
      • Selling tickets
      • Advertisement, for the shows bring people in.
    • The theatre goes to people.
      • Open air performances
        • Diffrent location
        • the un-traditional way
      • Fringe festivals
        • Deemed as trendy
        • Younger genoration go
        • Community cheaters can perform there
      • Theatre going to schools
        • Educational  teaching through theatre
        • letting young people experiance theatre
      • Theatre goes to people.
    • Theatre in cinnima
      • Broadcast live all over the country
        • people  everywhere can see it without having to go too far
      • Cheaper than going to the theatre
        • People who think they might never be able to see theatre can now afford to
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