Improving food production

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  • Improving food production
    • Plants as food
      • Photosynthesis
        • light energy is converted into a stored chemical form
        • Makes carbohydrates
          • Starch is a energy source
      • Absorb minerals, such as nitrates from the soil
    • Making food production more effiecient
      • Plants
        • Improve the rate of growth
        • Increase productivity
        • Increase resistance to disease
      • Animals
        • Improve the growth rate of crops
        • Increase the size of yield from each plant
        • Reduces losses of crops due to diseases and pests
        • Make harvesting easier by standardising plant size
        • Improve plant responses to fertilisers
    • Selective breeding
      • Humans select the individual organisms that are allowed to breed according to chosen characteristics
      • Isolation
      • Artificial selection
      • Inbreeding or line breeding
      • Farmers breed cattle for high milk yield or for meat production
      • Chickens are breed for egg production or meat production
    • Using chemicals
      • Fertilisers replace minerals in the soil
      • Pesticides kill organisms that cause diseases in crops
      • Infected animals can be treated with anitbiotics


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