Impacts and Consequences of the Hunger Strikes

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  • Impacts and consequences of the Hunger Strikers
    • 10 hunger strikers died (including Bobby Sands)
    • In the aftermath new problems were created
      • The Irish government was pushing for the introduction of a new political initiative to end the Troubles
        • Anglo-Irish Agreement
      • Nationalist opposition to the British government
      • Unionists began voicing concerns on the growing IRA
      • Rising support for Republicans
    • Unionists and Nationalists grew further apart
    • A week after the strike's end the Secretary of State granted some concessions
      • Own clothes at all times
      • 50% reduction in sentence length for those involved in the protests would be restored
      • More prison visits
      • More association among prisoners
    • Sinn Fein re-emerged
      • Gerry Adams was elected for West Belfast
      • SF won 13.4% of the vote in 1983
    • 61 people were killed in the violence that erupted in reaction to the deaths


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