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  • Impact of the Tet Offensive
    • Khe Sanh; NVA massive assault on the US base; drew US troops away from Saigon
    • Most of Vietcong and NVA's gains were recovered after 3 days of intense fighting, but took weeks to regain city of Hue; which was almost totally destroyed
    • By the end of the offensive, the Vietcong had lost an estimated 58,000 men.
    • The US lost 4000 soldiers
    • The ARVN lost 2000 men.
    • The Vietcong were severely weakened by the Tet Offensive; from then on the US and the ARVN were mainly fighting the NVA rather than the Vietcong
    • Despite the US and ARVN soldiers defeating the NVA and the Vietcong in the Tet Offensive; had a negative impact on US public opinion.
    • During the offensive US TV audiences saw footage of Vietcong attacks on the American embassy of Saigon; didn't look like communists were losing which they had been told by General Moreland in November 1967
    • Persauded many Americans that war couldn't be war and sparked off many more anti-war protests


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