Operations In Vietnam Of Importance

Operations to use in essays to back points up.

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Operation Pierce Arrow

Start of US air operations in Vietnam.


Operation Pierce Arrow 1964 Aug 7th. Followed Gulf of Tonkin Incident. was a bombing campaign by US following Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Pierce Arrow was followed by Operation Flaming Dart on February 7–11, 1965; Operation Rolling Thunder from March 2, 1965 to October 31, 1968; Operation Linebacker, May 9 to October 22, 1972; and Operation Linebacker II, December 18–29, 1972.

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Operations Post-Tet Offensive 1968

To argue that US didn't solely use diplomacy post 1968.

Operation Patio 1970- superceeded by Operation Freedom Deal. These Operations complemented Operation Menu 1970 Bombing Campaign.

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