Cell Division

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  • Cell Division
    • Prokaryotic Cells
      • The Process is called BINARY FISSION
      • 1) Circular DNA molecule replicates
      • 2) The plasmids replicate
      • 3) Cell membrane grows between DNA dividing the cytoplasm in 2
      • New Cell wall forms dividing original cell into 2 daughter cells
    • Eukaryotic Cells
      • This Process is  Mitosis
      • Prophase- the chromsomes becomes visible and the nucleolus and nuclear envelope disintergrates
      • Metaphase- spindles form and the chromosomes line up at the equator of the cell
      • Anaphase- the spindle fibres attach to chromatids and contract pulling them towards opposite poles
      • Telephase- Chromosomes reach poles and become distinct, spindle fibres disintegrate and the nucleolus and nuclear envelope reappear
    • Importance of Mitosis is that it makes exact copies so is essential because of growth repair and reproduction
    • Cancer result in damage to genes causing uncontrollable growth of division of cells


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