immune system

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  • Immune System
    • Specific Response
      • responds slowley and is only effective against specific pathogens
      • response is faster after reinfection due to the production of memory cells in the first reaction.
      • can distinguish between friend and foe or self and non-self
      • recognises antigens and responds to them
      • humoral response
        • relies on antigens
      • cell-mediated respnse
        • relies on cells
    • Non-Specific Response
      • Present from birth
      • effective against a wide range of pathogens
      • it always gives the same type of response
      • includes
        • phagocytes - large white blood cells that engulf foreign material
        • complement proteins - several blood proteins that contribute to the breakdown and removal of pathogens
        • cytokines - small proteins that, among other things, inhibit the reproduction of viruses
      • releases histmaines that cause inflammation


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