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  • Ideology: foreign policy
    • Russia and the world
      • 1917-Lenin and Bols thought rev would spread across world
      • By 1921-obvious rev was far away
    • RIGHT WING (Socialism in One Country)
      • Socialism can be built in one country alone
      • Russia will lead the world to communism
      • No immediate need to start rev
    • LEFT WING (permanent revolution)
      • No socialist society can exist on its own
      • Aggressive foreign policy
      • Comm Russia-only secure when worldwide rev
    • BUKHARIN AND STALIN (right wing)
    • TROTSKY (permanent revolution)
    • Impact on leadership struggle
      • Socialism in One Country-much greater appeal to Comms
      • Permanent revolution appeared defeatist
      • Permanent revolution-feared could lead to war


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