Iago Character Summary

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  • Iago
    • Mirrors Othello in certain respect
      • Jealously leads to demise
        • Both have an bad end within the play, at the fault of jealousy. Othello's is induced by Iago
      • Both want to be accepted and liked
    • Motives
      • 'the motive hunting of the motive-less'
        • The reasoning is never fully explained, leading to  theories than Iago may be a (latent)  homosexual leading to his hatred of Othello to be inspired out of personal self-hatred
      • Wants revenge for the position he was given as 'ensign'
      • Hatred of Othello
      • Desire to get Cassio's position
    • Animal imagery
      • Snake
        • This is exhibited in Frantic Assembly's interpretation through the physicalisation
          • Matador with Othello (Bull)
            • Emphasises his manipulative nature
      • Matador with Othello (Bull)
        • Emphasises his manipulative nature
    • Manipulative
      • Exploits Roderigo
        • He also manipulates the plot to and acts as a devise for movement within the play
    • Psychological villan rather than physical
    • Provides humour
      • Intelligent
      • This is used to contrast from the height of social status, he   begins the play with, to the lack of respect he has at the end
    • Two-faced
      • Reveals inner thoughts to audience through solliquoy
        • This facillitates asides and more detailed answers-
      • 'Honest Iago'


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