Iago - Key Quotes

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  • Iago - Key QUotes
    • "I am not what I am" - A1S1
    • "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy: It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on" - A3S3
    • "We cannot all be masters, nor all masters cannot be truly follow'd." - A1S1
    • Zounds, sir, you're robb'd [...] you have lost half your soul; even now, now, very now, an old black ram is topping your white ewe. - A1S1
    • "Thus do I ever make my fool my purse: for I mine own gain'd knowledge should profane, if I would time expend with such a snipe." - A1S3
    • " I hate the Moor: and it is thought abroad, that 'twixt my sheets he has done my office" - A1S3
    • "The Moor is of a free and open nature,That thinks men honest that but seem to be so,And will as tenderly be led by the noseAs asses are." - A1S3
    • "[Aside] He takes her by the palm: ay, well said,whisper: with as little a web as this will Iensnare as great a fly as Cassio." - A2S1
      • "[Aside] O, you are well tuned now!But I'll set down the pegs that make this music,As honest as I am." - A2S1
    • "That I put the Moor at least into a jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure." -A2S1
    • "Touch me not so near: I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth than it should do offence to Michael Cassio" - A2S3
    • "And what's he then that says I play the villain?" - A2S3
    • "So will I turn her virtue into pitch,And out of her own goodness make the netThat shall enmesh them all." - A2S3
    • "I'll pour this pestilence into his ear,That she repeals him for her body's lust" - A2S3
    • "Why, then, I think Cassio's an honest man." - A3S3
    • Othello: "This fellow's of exceeding honesty,And knows all qualities, with a learned spirit," - A3S3
    • "Nay, but be wise: yet we see nothing done;She may be honest yet. Tell me but this,Have you not sometimes seen a handkerchiefSpotted with strawberries in your wife's hand?" - A3S3
    • "Work on,My medicine, work! Thus credulous fools are caught;" - A4S1
    • "Do it not with poison, strangle her in her bed, eventhe bed she hath contaminated" - A4 S1
    • "He is much changed [...] I may not breathe my censure what he might be" - A4S1
    • [To Roderigo] "Why, now I see there's mettle in thee, and even fromthis instant to build on thee a better opinion thanever before." - A4S2
    • "Now, whether he kill Cassio,Or Cassio him, or each do kill the other,Every way makes my gain" - A5S1
    • "Demand me nothing: what you know, you know:From this time forth I never will speak word." - A5S2


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