Hymn to God, my God in my Sickness

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  • Hymn to God, my God in my Sickness
    • Structure
      • ABABB = simplicity and serenity of tone.- predictable-no surprises
      • Polysyllabic words = elegant/ eloquent; 'jerusalem' 'Magellan' 'Gibraltar'
    • Imagery
      • Calm and serene imagery of heaven 'holy room' 'choir' 'saints' - religious tranquility
        • Peace; 'pacific sea' 'jerusalem' (heavenly city, also meaning vision of peace), and 'eastern riches (connotations of Gospels for the Kingdom of Heaven
          • Location of paradise? G of Eden?
      • Music; 'made thy music' 'tune the instrument. Musician tuning before entering banqueting hall (macrocosm) microcosm is him preparing prayers or poetry (metapoetic)
      • Maps/ cosmography/ discovery. 'I their map' (AO4 belief that each person was a little world like in spheres of Good Friday. He is being discovered/ discovering heaven.
      • Death 'south west discovery'- south = hot, west = sunset (darkness/death through heat/ fever 'per fretum febris')
      • 'straits' as difficulties of life- narrow and hard to navigate- hard way to salvation
      • Religion; death doth touch the resurrection- religion + discovery combined again- cyclical meaning
      • Unity of Adams ' met in me' ' one place' 'both'. = equality and unity of him, God, Jesus in death
      • Compares himself to Christ; 'purple wrapped receive me lord' = Christs purple blood- robe of royal purple. Also 'by these thorns... crown' = suffering of life.
    • Techniques
      • The word 'before' draws attention to the fact that stanza 1 is separate from the rest.
      • syntax of 'I joy'. Monosyllabic line given deep feeling (also excitement of death)
      • Questions = fear? or confidence? 'what shall my west hurt me?'
      • 'Anyan, Migellan, Gibraltar', 'Japhet, Cham, Shem' - lists and power of 3 quickens pcae but also dismissive as all holy so doesn't matter where he ends up
      • imperative 'look lord' = a confidence/ equality
    • AO4
      • 'made thy music' music made by the heavenly spheres
      • 'cosmographers, i their map' = exciting discoveries at time therefore death is exciting
        • anatomy and discovery combined - new sciences
      • Modern Convention; combination of religion and new science
      • Applies new scince 'west and east in all flat maps... are one' - WORLD ROUND. Science of globe making.
      • Noah's children Japhet, Cham and Shem given a  third of world each after great flood. 3 = holy number (son father holy spirit, heaven hell purgatory)
      • Fall of Adam ' sweat' = brought death- reflects Donne's feverish sweat
      • 'my soul embrace' = neoplatonism of him and God/ Christ


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