Hydrological Cycle

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  • Hydrological Cycle
    • The hydrological cycle shows the movement of water
    • 1. The water evaporates from the sea and land, evaporation.
      • Evaporation is when the water gets heated by the sun and turns into water vapour.
      • Transpiration is the evaporation of water from the plants
      • evapotranspiration is the both happening together
    • 2. The water vapour gets moved inland by winds.
    • 3. The water vapour gets condensed to form clouds and then it falls as percipitation
    • 4. The water gets moved around from one place to another in many ways
      • Infiltration is when the water soaks into the soil
      • Percolation is water moving down vertically through soil and rock
      • Throughflow is when water in soil flows downhill
      • Groundwater flow is when the water in rocks flow downhill
      • Surface Run Off is when the water flows ovverland
      • Channel Flow is the flow of water in a river
    • Water can be held on the land in stores
      • Channel Storage is when water is held in the river
      • Groundwater storage is when water is held underground in rocks and soil
      • Interception storage is when water lands on things like plants
      • Surface storage is when water is held in lakes and resevoirs
    • The water eventually ends up in the sea where the cycle starts again


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