Relationships Human Reproductive Behaviour - PSYA3

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  • Human Reproductive Behaviour
    • Parent-offspring conflict
      • Oedipus theory: mother-daughter conflict
      • Conflict at puberty, including fitness
      • Weaning conflict - may be vital for survival
      • Evaluation
        • Lack of human evidence
        • Flinn (1989) mother-daughter conflict
        • Conflict may be minimised by parental manipulation
        • Consequences of conflict - link to suicide attempts
    • Parental investment
      • Investment in one offspring as the expense of other offspring
      • Maternal investment - female mammals invest more because of internal fertilization
      • Males invest relatively little, but are in danger of cuckoldry
      • Males invest more in mating than in parenting
      • Evaluation
        • Males do help out
        • Willing fathers
        • Sexual jealousy in males; emotional jealousy in females
    • Sexual selection
      • Selection for characteristics for reproductive success
      • Intra-sexual selection
      • Inter-sexual selection
      • Origins of mate choice
      • Buss's !1989) major study of 37 cultures showed clear male and female mate preferences
      • Evaluation
        • Gender differences in short and long term preferences
        • Research focuses on preferences not real-life choices
        • Evidence for evolutionary influences on face prefences
        • Female preferences and menstrual cycle
        • Sperm competition reflects adaptive pressures
        • Evolutionary psychology is not the answer to everything (Nicholson, 1999)
        • Benefits of short-term mating for females


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