Human reproduction

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    • MALE
      • TESTES
        • Produces millions of sperm each day
        • Outside the body
          • Sperm needs to be kept cool to be healthy, inside the body is too hot and will kill them
      • SCROTUM
        • Holds testes in place
      • SPERM DUCT
        • Transports sperm
      • URETHRA
        • Semen or urine leave the body here
      • PENIS
        • Blood flows to it
          • This is how a male gets an erection
    • FEMALE
      • OVARY
        • Produces egg
        • Lines with ciliated  cells, hairs push egg along
      • UTERUS
        • has a lining (soft) for the egg to implant
        • Foetuses develop here
      • CERVIX
        • Keeps the uterus sterile
      • VAGINA
        • Holds the penis in place when having sexual intercourse
        • Birth Canal


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