Human reproductive systems

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  • Human Reproductive systems.
    • The male reproductive system makes sperm in testes.
      • Urethra is a tube which connects sperm through the penis during ***********. Urine also passes through here.
      • Erectile tissue fills with blood when swells to make penis errect
      • Scrotum hangs behind penis and contains testes
      • Vas deferens is the muscular tube which carries sperm from testes towards urethra.
      • Glands produce liquid thats added to sperm to make semen.
    • Female reproductive system makes ova in Ovary.
      • Uterus is organ where embryo grows, has muscular wall.
      • Cervix is neck of uterus.
      • Fallopian tube is a muscular tube that carries ovum from overy to uterus.
      • Endometrium is the lining of uterus
        • good blood supply


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